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Whether you have a simple restroom or master suite, the key things to consider while remodeling the bathroom involves functionality and features. Go through the tricks and tips for improving drainage, lighting and gaining storage of your bathroom when renovated.

Plumbing: Most of the pipes used for drainage in residential plumbing are 1½-inch in size. You will be amazed to know how much hair and dirt go down that pipe. If the size of the pipe will be larger, the lesser will be the chances of getting clogged. It hardly makes any difference in the cost. So, you should consider 2 inches pipe for drainage.

Lighting: You can consider mounting light fixtures throughout the ceiling to scintillate the room. You must include one or two in the main bathing shower with shower trim. Fix dimmer switch so as to increase or decrease the intensity of light.

Medicine cabinets: If there is space in any corner, you can have a medicine cabinet made there. This will moreover save the space over narrow vanity. In case, there is no space for a separate cabinet, you must ensure that there is a minimum cabinet space of 4 to 5 inches within the vanity itself.

Wall-hung toilets: These types of fixtures have gained popularity recently due to a number of good reasons. It saves space since the cistern is hidden inside the wall. But, you need to consider the drainage first before installing the unit. If you ever decide to opt for the floor-mounted fixture, you will have to reshuffle the complete water supply.

Window in the shower: This will enhance the looks of your bathroom, but make sure to install the right type of window. The things to consider include frosted-glass panel for privacy and that can be opened easily for fresh air. The frames made up of stone must be installed so as to airtight the area. The berm must be sloped down for proper drainage.

Shower sills: As in the windowsill, the main things to consider here is the slope. Shower sills must be sloped into the shower. It is recommended to select a material like stone or quartz which is solid in nature. If the shower curb is mounted with tiles, there are chances of water seepage through grout lines into the framing.

Shower floor: If you are using the large tiles, then the sloping may not be properly done and there are more chances of slippery due to less traction and grout lines installed apart. Whereas in small tiles, there is more traction and is recommended typically for shower floors.


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